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The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way we learn language and literature. As traditional classes move into virtual teaching, educators around the world are adapting to virtual teaching and overcoming hurdles as well uncovering the potentials that come with the emergency online teaching. The International Virtual Conference on Language and Literature held by The Language Centre of State Polytechnic of Malang offers platform for educators, administrators, and researchers to collaborate, contribute, and learn about the current trends in the field of language and literature.
Under the theme of “The Changing Classroom: New Literacies and Global Practices”, the event will be held virtually on September 24-25th, 2021. Proposals in the following sub-themes are welcome:


  1. Internationalization in Higher Education
  2. English Practices in global context
  3. Standardized English test
  4. Classroom discourse
  5. EAP
  6. ESP
  7. Language Assessment
  8. Curriculum and Policy in Higher Education
  9. English as Medium of Instruction
  10. Digital literacy
  11. Classroom management
  1. Corpus Linguistics
  2. Language, gender, and identity
  3. Applied Linguistics
  4. Language and Culture
  5. Bilingualism and Multilingualism
  6. Vocabulary and Lexical Studies


  1. Abstracts must be submitted via this website under the Registration menu. Emailed abstracts will not be considered.
  2. Please read the submission rules before submitting an abstract.
  3. The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission.
  4. The presenting author must be listed as the first author.
  5. All abstracts should be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication.
  6. All abstracts accepted for presentation will be published in the conference program book prior to the Conference.
  7. You may submit more than 1 abstract. However, presenters that are accepted for oral presentation will be permitted to give only two oral presentations.
  8. Please note the submitting author will receive all correspondence about the abstract so we advise that the submitting author details that are entered are the same details as those of the presenting author.
  9. Please feel free to contact us at ivicoll@polinema.ac.id regarding any other questions you may have.


Before you begin, please prepare the following information:

  1. Abstract Topic – abstracts must be allocated to a specific Theme, Topic and Subtopic.
  2. Presenting author's contact details (should be the same details as the submitting author so that the presenting author receives the correspondence about the abstract)
  3. Author and co-authors' details:
    1. Full first and family name(s)
    2. Affiliation details: department, institution, country
  4. Abstract title - limited to 20 words in UPPER CASE
  5. Abstract text – limited to 250 words
  6. Abstract layout - Abstracts must be submitted with the following sections:
    1. Objectives
    2. Methods
    3. Results
    4. Conclusions
  7. Please send in a brief biography together with the Abstract (an example is given in the abstract template).
  8. Please download the abstract template on https://bit.ly/ivicoll_abstract_template and follow the format carefully.


All accepted research papers will be subjected to double-blind reviewing process and will be published electronically in the conference e-proceedings with e-ISBN on December 1, 2021. All accepted abstracts will be published in the conference abstract book. All the recorded presentations will be available in the official conference website.

Conference Papers for Publication

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Authors/Presenters are limited to two (2) abstracts as primary author or co-author. Each abstract may have a maximum of two (s) co-authors.
  2. The papers may be up to 7,000 words in length excluding index-bio (longer papers will be accepted – 7,000 is a general guideline). Papers with over 10,000 words must be checked with us first.
  3. Sample guidelines will be emailed to all those who attend.
  4. Please download the template of full paper on https://bit.ly/ivicoll_fullpaper_template.
  5. Before papers are sent to us, authors are required to do/ take note of the following:
    • Do a spell and grammar check
    • Do a plagiarism check and notify us of any false positive (many unique papers come up as plagiarized on some of the checks even though they are clearly not).
    • Do NOT refer to Academia.edu papers as a reference source.
    • Paper must not be published an Academia.edu or any other journal, nor is it currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  6. Your paper will be reviewed by two reviewers and any problems will be referred back to you for attention.
  7. Full paper submissions must be received by November 1, 2021. The proceedings will be published on December 1, 2021, after the double-blind review is complete and any changes necessary have been made.

FAQ(Frequently Ask Question)

  1. Is this a virtual conference? What applications will be used for the conference?

    IVICOLL is a virtual conference. Live plenary sessions and parallel sessions will use Zoom Meeting application. The links of the plenary sessions and symposium will be emailed to you prior to the day of the conference.

  2. Can I submit my abstract only without submitting the full paper?

    Yes, the main requirement to be a presenter is submitting abstract. Full paper submission is optional which means the presenters are allowed to choose whether they are will willing to submit the full paper or not.

  3. How will the presentation go?

    The presentation will be live using Zoom meeting as scheduled on the conference program book. The time allotment of the presentation will be 15 minutes followed by 10-minute question and answer session.

  4. How if I could not attend and present the abstract on the scheduled live presentation?

    If you could not present your abstract on live presentation, you will need to present your abstract in a recorded presentation. Please kindly confirm to IVICOLL committee if you want to have a recorded presentation only. You can record your presentation and upload your recorded presentation IVICOLL website under the “access presentation” menu. For the question-and-answer session, the audiences of your presentation will be able to post comments and ask questions below your presentation video available on IVICOLL website from September 27 to October 4, 2021, as we try to be flexible in facilitating the parallel session. Both the presenter and participant will receive notification through email for the question-and-answer session.

  5. What should I prepare for recorded presentation if I could not present on parallel live session?

    You can use Zoom or Google Meet or PowerPoint Presentation 2019 to record the presentation. The main requirement for the video is:

    1. It should show your face presenting the research.
    2. It should not exceed 100 MB.
    3. Put IVICOLL logo on your presentation slide.
    4. You should upload your presentation video to IVICOLL website before September 22, 2021.

  6. How long should the presentation be?

    The presentation should be around 10 to 15 minutes, which covers introduction, literature review, methodology, findings and discussions, and conclusions.

  7. How many certificates will be received by the presenters and participants?

    The presenter will get one certificate of recognition as a presenter and one certificate of participation as a participant. The participant will get one certificate of participation.

  8. How can I get the certificate?

    To be eligible for certificate of presenters, presenters must present the abstract and attend at least three sessions of the conference. For participants, you will get the e-certificate by attending at least three sessions of the conference.

  9. What is the requirement of the full paper?

    The paper should be around 3000-6000 words and follow the IVICOLL full paper template, which you can download here. The scope of the research should also be in accordance with the conference coverage topics, which are: Language, Language Education, Language and Technology, Literature, Linguistics, and Applied Linguistics.

  10. What should I do if I get problems in registering or submitting my presentation or my abstract?

    If you need any assistance in submitting papers or accessing the conference, please contact ivicoll@polinema.ac.id or +6281333207500 (WhatsApp number)

  11. What type of publication does this conference offer?

    All papers that have passed blind reviews will be published in an ISSN proceeding.

  12. Is there any additional fee for the ISBN proceeding publication?

    Yes, the fee for ISBN proceeding publication is IDR 100,000,- or USD 10, that will be paid after full paper submission.